dimanche 31 janvier 2010

A virtual merchant's business model : asos.com

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Design Thinking + Social Change

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In this slideshare project, the main topic is how to get design thinking, if not to change the world, at least to help improve the current ways to make it a better place. Indeed, design thinking is focused on sharing innovative methods & ideas to find solutions that are concordant with customers needs & expectations. Thus, why not take it out of the corporate world to apply it to social change... be it through improving a community's situation, offering new ways to put up with being sick or making people get involved & step forward to share their thoughts with a general social welfare purpose !

samedi 30 janvier 2010

Undestanding an affiliate program : Travelocity

Trevellocity works on the same principle as a GDS. It offers its customer two affiliate programs: Travelocity and WCT. Joining either is free provided you meet the criterea set up by Travellocity (at least 40 bookings per month, exclusivity clause, business plan etc). Travellocity supply affiliates with website templates, booking system, marketing support. The affiliates gain various levels of commission depending the types of proiducts sold.

The Elance business model

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Crowdsourcing at work

The concept consists into creating a company blog where the employees could identify issues (linked to their product that sell the least, to unexploited niches, ..)and propose solutions.
If their solution is chosen by the management team, then the solver gains a reward (financial or stock options..).
The portraits of the chosen solvers are also published on the company company's blog with an article about them and how they came up with an innovative solution.

vendredi 15 janvier 2010