lundi 29 mars 2010

Sony Ericsson and HUSH Create Integrated User Experience

Here is a colourful, funny yet explicit example of how brand-integrated content is switched to brand-integrated user. In other words, this video shows how Sony & Hush want their customers to live completely the brand experience... until they even feel part of the cell phone's component and dance & play happily within the phone (or their mind) itself.Therefore, the core issue is no longuer limited to the product's placement... unless you consider the product's user as a full part of the product they use.

Return on performance : striking example of how to enhance your employees' loyalty (incentive marketing)

Created by the IMA (Incentive Marketing Association), this magazine's main purpose is to help their members get the latest information on incentive marketing tools & strategies, measure their efficiency and apply them wisely in their industry/company in order to enhance their employees/providers/customers loyalty.
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The Seismic Shift in Targeted Advertising and Media

An interesting parallellism between targeted advertisement in the media and airplane industry, based on yield management and ROI approach.
Indeed, in the current context of global restructuration of the economy both from the inside (companies) and the outside (rules makers : private equities, governments, international organization..), the way one plans their communication tools & how acurately they use it is a hot potato.

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