dimanche 7 février 2010

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Although we are too proud to mention it, which of us never felt like a "sucker" ? Meaning too nice, willing to be helpful and endind up feeling just like a fool. You, know this uncomfortable feeling you get when you've organised the birthday party of a friend and offered to advance the money for the gift but then some friends forget to give their share. Yet, out of politeness you never collect it so you end up bitter & stop organizing anything for anyone in the future.
Well, thanks to leetchi.com's creators, that problem is solved. Indeed, this website enables you to create an online kitty. Next step consiits in inviting your friends to load their share through a secured paypal and then, once you've reached the wanted amount (you can follow the kitty being filled in real time !) you can either buy the gift online through one of leetchi's partners (e.g. brandalley.com) or withdraw the money & go fetch it.

Reference : http://www.journaldunet.com/ebusiness/breve/france/43494/leetchi-veut-aider-les-internautes-pour-leurs-cadeaux-groupes.shtml

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